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Who am I? 

My name is Bethany and I’m a health coach, paleo foodie, nature lover, researcher, introvert, creative, mentor, wife, leader, and adventure seeker. 

I'm passionate about helping you find the freedom and balance you need to transform your life and find your healthiest self.  Read my story. 


"Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?"

- Danielle LaPorte 

Many of us grow up trying to hold ourselves to certain standards or ideals that we feel the world around us wants us to fulfill or live up to. It’s an exhausting cycle, trying to live up to an ideal in our own minds, always feeling like we are falling short or falling into the same unhealthy habit cycles.

If you’ve ever felt trapped or enslaved by your own bad habit patterns and felt like these struggles in your life were keeping you from taking control of your own health, then my coaching program will help you find the tools to transform your biggest struggles and heartaches into your biggest catalysts for powerful change. The goal of my program is to transform how you view yourself, and in doing so, transform how the world views you. Only by observing our battles and areas of struggle, can we find a way to transform them into stepping stones that lead us to our deepest joy and sense of self.

Through my health coaching program, I will help you to create a holistic approach to health and wellness that is uniquely tailored to you, designed to empower, inspire, heal, release, and transform you into the healthiest version of yourself. I want you to feel understood, connected, confident, supported, seen, safe, valuable, and free. I want you to intend to shine.


"Sunrises are my favorite kind of magic." - Bethany Wood 



What is Health Coaching?

Heath coaching is a holistic approach to wellness, looking at all aspects of a person's life, not just the food that they eat or their physical health. Nourishment is separated into two categories,  "Primary food" and "Secondary food". Secondary food is what you actually think of as food, the kind that you eat. Primary foods are all the other areas of "food" or nourishment in our lives that determine our overall wellness, such as relationships, sleep, stress levels, spirituality, creativity, finances, career satisfaction, and physical activity. Find out more. 




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When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending.
— Brene Brown

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